FCPSOn Frequently Asked Questions

How can students get help?

How can families access technology support?

  • The FCPS website has added a Technology Support for Families page.  This page gives tips for online learning and information on how to submit a Tech Support ticket.

How can students connect to WiFi at home?

  • Log onto your laptop with your student ID and password and click on the WiFi icon in the lower right corner of the screen.  Locate and select your home WiFi name, type in your password and click connect.   Once you successfully connect, the words “Connected, secured” should appear under your WiFi name.

What are some tips for general laptop maintenance?

  • Restart your laptop once a week.  Ideally of the weekend, at night, or during non-instructional time.
  • As a best practice, use the start menu by clicking on the Windows logo in the lower left corner of the screen, then click power, then click restart.  This proper restart will ensure that any pending updates will be applied.  A restart from the start menu also fixes many strange Windows glitches and/or odd user experiences.  
  • Power Setting: When you shut the lid of your laptop, it does not go to sleep.  This means the laptop is not saving battery. If you want to put your computer to sleep, shut it down completely, or restart it, you need to open the Start Menu by clicking the Windows logo in the bottom left corner and selecting the desired action.

How should students set up Google Drive File Stream to access and save school files?

  • In the Search Box next to the Windows Logo at the bottom left corner of the screen, type in “Drive File Stream” and open the “Drive File Stream” App.
  • Login to the Drive File Stream App using your FCPS Google Apps Account
    •  E-mail:  (studentid)@fcpsschools.net
    • Password:  (same as your login)
  • Once you have logged in, click the right arrow several times.
  • Then click “Open Google Drive Folder”.
  • You will notice that you now have a “Google Drive (G:)” or G Drive listed under “This PC” which allows you to open and edit files from your Google Drive.

How can students access school email? 

  • Open the Chrome Browser and click on FCPS Google Apps in the bookmarks bar.
  • Login using your FCPS Google Apps account
    • E-mail:  (studentid)@fcpsschools.net
    • Password:  (same as your login)
  • Then click on the 9 dots iconnext to your account name and click Gmail. 

How can students join a grade level Google Classroom?

  • Go to classroom.google.com and join your grade level Google Classroom by clicking on the + and entering your class code:
    • Class Codes:
      • Freshmen (9):  kqeeufu                     
      • Sophomores (10):  jdjf3t5
      • Juniors (11):  upjaa4d     
      • Seniors (12):  cugzgmh

How can students access content specific or FCPS licensed software?

  • Certain software products come installed on all FCPSOn laptops such as Windows 10, Microsoft Office 365, Google Chrome, TestNav, and more.  For content specific software that is not standard for all users, FCPS deploys this software to FCPSOn laptops through a Microsoft program called APPV (Application Virtualization).  This type of  technology allows software to be packaged virtually (instead of installed locally on the laptop) and deployed to students based on what courses they take as opposed to installing all software products onto every FCPSOn laptop.  This limits the number of software products to only what specific students need for learning.
  • To access APPV programs, go to the start menu (Windows logo), then locate and click on My Applications.  All software that is provisioned to a specific student will be listed under My Applications.  To launch a program, simply click on the program you need to access.   
  • Note:  The Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and Autodesk Suite are unable to be provisioned to FCPSOn laptops.

How do parents consent to the digital tools used at McLean?

  • In order for students to fully engage in distance learning, parents should review the list of digital tools found on the McLean HS Website and provide their consent for their student’s use of the tools listed.  If parents submit questions about any of the tech tools listed, they will be contacted by a school-based administrator.

What should students do if their laptop is damaged?

  • Your laptop includes an accidental damage warranty.  If your laptop breaks accidentally, Go to our Student Technology Support Request to submit a request for help.  
  • Once your ticket is received by our Technology Team, they will reach out to set up a curbside Break/Fix appointment to exchange your laptop with a working one.   
    • Note: the only thing not covered is lost or stolen
    • The laptop replacement cost is $467.  

What if a student has charger issues?

  • If your charger is damaged, it can be exchanged for a working one.  If it is lost and can’t be found, a replacement charge can be purchased for $28 through MySchoolBucks.

Can students put stickers on their school issued laptop?

  • Please do not put stickers on your school issued laptop.  If it breaks and has to be exchanged for another laptop, all of the stickers need to be removed before the laptop gets put back into circulation.

How can students reset their passwords?

Note:  If you change/reset your password from home, you must bring your laptop to any FCPS school parking lot, get as close to the building as possible, and sign into the laptop one time with your updated password for the laptop password to be updated.  Otherwise, only your password to online resources will be updated, not the logon password to the computer.

Can students install home printers?

  • Home printers are not supported by FCPS.  Although, we have found that any USB that uses plug and play or bluetooth device should be able to be installed on the FCPSOn laptop.  Examples of successful connections include, wired USB devices, wireless keyboards/mice that use a USB receiver, USB printers, bluetooth headsets/speakers, and bluetooth mice.  Some students have had success searching for a network printer through the add a printer option and clicking install, but if the setup requires an application (.exe) to be run, it will fail since students do not have administrative rights on the laptops

How do students connect to an external monitor?

  • Please ensure that the monitor has an HDMI connection.  If it does not, then an adapter may be needed to connect the monitor to the laptop.  Use an HDMI cable to connect the monitor to the laptop.

How can students troubleshoot the laptop camera?

  • Click in the “Type here to search” box located next to the start menu button (Windows logo) in the lower left corner of your screen.  Then type Camera and hit enter.  If you can see yourself, your camera is functioning properly.  
  • Note:  If the problem only exists in Chrome, be sure to click the lock on the address bar, click site settings, and select “Allow” for the Camera, Mic, and Sound.

How can students troubleshoot the laptop microphone?

  • Click in the “Type here to search” box located next to the start menu button (Windows logo) in the lower left corner of your screen.  Then type Voice Recorder and hit enter.  Then click on the microphone to record yourself for ten seconds.  If you play it back and can hear yourself, then the microphone is functioning properly.  If you cannot hear yourself, please check the F4 key and make sure your mic is not muted.  If the light is on the F4 key, then the system is muted. Press it again to unmute the laptop.
  • Note:  If the problem only exists in Chrome, be sure to click the lock on the address bar, click site settings, and select “Allow” for the Camera, Mic, and Sound.

McLean HS Tech Team Information

  • Ashley Lowry - School Based Technology Specialist (SBTS):  @email
    • Provides instructional support and training to staff and students.  Is the point of contact for questions or issues concerning SIS, Blackboard, Google Apps, and many other online learning resources.
  • Brian Stagliano - Technology Support Specialist (TSSpec): @email
    • Manages school local network, servers, and all other FCPS technologies at the school. Is the point of contact for hardware related, FCPSOn laptops, Windows operating system, and FCPS password issues.