Return to School Information for Students and Parents

February 19, 2021

Return to School Presentations

Return to School FAQs


If a student has chosen to return to school in person, but is unable to attend for illness or any other reason, do they have the option of logging on remotely and attending virtually?

Yes.  If a student is in-person but is ill, they should not attend school. If they are able, they can log in remotely through BBCU/Google Meet to attend class so they won’t miss any instruction. Teachers will record that the student has remained virtual in class instead of in-person.

If a teacher is teaching virtually, can my student come to school late or leave early?  For example, if my student has a teacher virtually at the beginning or end of the day, can they arrive late/leave early for that class?

Yes, if:...

  • Student has own transportation
  • First or last block class only (1st, 2nd, 7th, or 8th period)
  • Counselor, administrator, and teacher are made aware

No, if…

  • Student has class in middle of day (once on campus, student must remain on campus)
  • Require transportation

Students must be monitored throughout the day  

Freshman/New Student Concerns

How will freshmen (or new students) know where classes are?  Will a map be available?  

Maps are available in/near the Main Office.  There is also a Freshman Orientation held on February 22nd which will help acclimate new students.  Teachers, administrators, security, and assistants at McLean will be out in the hallways to assist students.

Health & Safety

Is there a check-in process for students at school?

All families should complete the online Parent / Guardian Health Screening Commitment Form (see below).  Other than that, students and families should be able to say “no” to the Health Screening Questionnaire.  This is not a formal process but something that students should do every day on the honor system.   

How do you find the online Parent / Guardian Health Screening Commitment Form. 

It is linked here. 

What safety measures are in place in the cafeteria during lunch?  

Cafeteria tables have been replaced by student desks.  All desks face the same way and are 6 feet apart.  Desks will be cleaned after each lunch period (30 minutes).  QR codes are taped to each desk for students to sign in, in the event that contact tracing is necessary.  

All food in the cafeteria is “grab and go” and lunches will be able to be picked up at a table outside the cafeteria.  Security and other staff attend lunches and will help with social distancing.  Masks should be worn unless students are eating.

Students may also choose to eat in other areas (non-academic hallways, courtyards, outside, main lobby, etc).  QR codes will be utilized for these areas as well.  

Is there anyone who can show kids how to scan a QR code at lunch?

If a student needs help, staff will be available in the lunchroom to assist with scanning.  Students can open their cameras, place the QR code in the camera, and the link will appear.

How can a student scan the QR code if they don’t have a smartphone? 

There is an optional field on the Google Form for a name. Students who do not have a smartphone can either a) have a friend scan for them and enter their name in the optional field, or b) ask a staff member to scan and enter their information. 

What are the requirements for masks?  

  • The following cloth masks/face coverings are acceptable and supported by FCPS:
    • Gaiters with 2 or more layers
    • Cloth masks/face coverings with 2 or more layers
  • The following cloth masks/face coverings are NOT supported by FCPS:
    • Gaiters with a single layer
    • Face masks/face coverings with exhalation valves/vents
    • Cloth masks/face coverings with a single layer
    • A face shield on its own is not acceptable
    • A face mask with a side vent

In-Person vs. Virtual

Can we change our choice for in-person or virtual at this time? Or later (after March 2)?

It is possible to switch to virtual. Please use this Google form to update your preference. However, it may not be possible for families to switch their choice to in-person due to enrollment numbers in the class. Classes have been placed in rooms based on numbers in order to stay socially distant.

What do families do if they forgot what they selected (in-person or virtual) for their students?

Families who forgot their selection should contact their students’ counselor or administrator for help. It can also be checked in ParentVue on a computer (but not on the app on your phone). 

When will we know what group our child is in (Tuesday-Wednesday or Thursday-Friday)?

Students with last names A-K will attend Tuesday-Wednesday and students with last name L-Z will attend Thursday-Friday.

What is the percentage of students returning in-person? 

Currently we have about 52% of students returning in-person.

If the numbers for in person learning support it (low enough), may my child attend 4 days a week?

No. At this time, students can only attend two days of in-person instruction a week.  


Will students be able to talk and/or work with peers in class considering the social distancing that is taking place?

Students will be able to collaborate as long as they stay socially distant.  At 6 feet apart, students can collaborate online or talk with students near them.

Will testing take place in person for SOLs, AP, etc?

All End of Course SOLs are currently scheduled for the spring. FCPS will provide updates for spring AP testing.  


When will lunch schedules be communicated to students?

Lunch schedules are assigned by teacher. Teacher lunch schedules will be finalized soon and teachers will communicate with their students which lunch students will have. Lunch will be through 5th and 6th periods. Please have students check for communications from their 5th and 6th period teachers regarding lunches.


Will students be able to meet in person with their counselors?

Yes.  There are spaces that will allow for socially distanced one on one meetings in the school. 

Is the school planning for an outdoor graduation for seniors in the high school stadium?

Yes. We’re planning events for seniors for the end of the year, including graduation. Stay tuned for additional information.

Will teachers be equipped with a microphone? 

All teachers have received new cameras with built in speakers for instruction and collaboration. The speaker is high quality and can be heard throughout the classroom.

Are sports resuming too?

Yes.  We just concluded the winter sports season and fall sports started in early February.Spring sports start on April 12th. Information can be found at

Are students changing for Physical Education?

No.  Students should wear comfortable clothes conducive to physical activity on those days.  Locker rooms will not be utilized.  

Will kids have the same access to lockers as before covid?

No. Lockers will not be available for use.

Will Marshall Academy be in person?

Yes.  Marshall Academy will be in person and there is transportation provided.  


Will every high school teacher be physically in the classroom?  How will I know if the teacher will be in the classroom? When will we find out if our child’s teacher is teaching virtually?

Most teachers will physically be in classrooms.  If your student’s teacher will remain virtual, you should have received an email from that teacher informing you that they will continue to teach virtually.

Will students have the same teachers they currently have? 

Students will have the same teachers they currently have.  


When will the bus schedule be communicated?

Bus information will be available via ParentVue in the near future.  Check the app Here Comes the Bus for more information.  The school code for this app is 28982.

Can my student get a parking pass?

Yes. The link is available here and is on our homepage.

  • Seniors will pick up parking passes from Mr. Sekely before school at Door 9 or during lunch starting March 2nd. 
  • Juniors will pick up parking passes from Mr. Sekley before school at Door 9 or during lunch starting March 9th.
  • Parking is free this year.