Equity in Action at McLean

Celebrating Ally Week 2021

Teachers and students supporting LBGTQ

Celebrating Black History Month

Mrs. Fargo's Entrepreneurship Class:

"In honor of Black History Month, I have incorporated activities that bring awareness and attention to black entrepreneurs and black-owned businesses.  For example, my Level II classes are participating in a research assignment surround businesses have been or were created from the original Black Wall Street." 

Ms. Duluc's AP Spanish Class:

"AP Spanish is celebrating Black History month by learning about Felipe Alou, a Black Dominican baseball player who underwent discrimination moving from Dominican Republic to the U.S. during the height of the Civil Rights movement. The class is celebrating his perseverance and determination to beat his obstacles that he experienced. Felipe Alou became one of MLB's greatest baseball players and manager. Once they finish reading his novel, students will be doing a Cultural Comparison where they compare and contrast his life, obstacles, and successes with another notable Black person who underwent and overcame obstacles from another community. These Cultural Comparisons happen all in Spanish of course! As a Dominican American, our Spanish teacher Ms. Duluc is very passionate about teaching this unit!"

Mrs. Elias's Studio Art Class:

"Studio Art students are illustrating various excerpts of Amanda Gorman’s inauguration poem and they will put them together in a presentation. Student images are coming soon!"