Ryan Zimmerman Promotes Anti-Distracted Driving Campaign

October 24, 2017

As part of the Phones Down! Home Run anti-distracted driving campaign, Washington Nationals first baseman Ryan Zimmerman came to McLean High to encourage students to focus on driving when behind the wheel.

McLean student Carenna Slotkoff, a sources of strength peer leader, cited the Fairfax County youth survey, that revealed 48 percent of high school students use their phones when driving. “Teenagers have moments when they think they’re invincible,” she stated. “I just got my permit but I already realize that driving takes all of my concentration and attention.” She challenged her classmates to leave their electronic devices in the back seat so they would not be tempted to use them while driving. “Technology can be a huge threat to our lives on the road,” she stressed.

Zimmerman recalled his time as a new driver, saying that he would take the bus home from school so he could then drive to and from baseball practice. “The reason I’ve had success is because of my ability to focus,” he added, urging students to focus on driving and not technology when behind the wheel.

McLean students, along with students from two other regional school districts, were invited to sign the pledge to be safe drivers.