Honors Courses

FCPS honors courses are based on extensions of the FCPS Program of Studies. Students may self-select one or more honors courses in areas that match their academic interests or strengths. 

Honors Information for Rising 9th Grade Families

Please see the videos below to learn more about 9th grade honors courses offered at McLean. 

Honors Course Offered at McLean

CTE (Career and Technical Education)

  • EPF Honors
  • STEM Engineering
  • STEM Advanced Engineering
  • STEM Advanced Electronics and Robotics


  • Honors English 12
  • Honors English 11
  • Honors English 10
  • Honors English 9


  • Multivariable Calculus
  • Matrix Algebra
  • Honors Algebra 2
  • Honors Geometry


  • Honors Geosystems
  • Honors Physics
  • Honors Chemistry
  • Honors Biology

Social Studies

  • Honors US VA Government
  • Honors US VA History
  • Honors World History & Geography 2
  • Honors World History & Geography 1