Student Government

Mission Statement

McLean’s leadership body encompasses SGA officers, SCA class officers, SAC representatives and members of the leadership class. SGA officers are elected in the spring to serve the school as a whole in the following school year. SCA class officers also are an elected position except the primary focus being their graduating class. Mclean’s Leadership class is an elective course offered for 10th to 12th graders that requires an application process in order to be enrolled. It is a selective process and students enrolled are automatically part of Mclean’s student government. SAC representatives attend monthly meetings with the student leaders from the rest of Fairfax County to share ideas, address problems and better the county as a whole.

Goal Statement

As a whole Mclean’s leadership body serves to promote an inclusive and positive environment for students to learn and be part of. This is done primarily through the promotion of spirit related events, positive relationships between students and faculty, services open to all students, and a inclusion in the McLean community.

Finance Statement

Any funds raised by SGA and Leadership Events will go towards conferences, contests, field trips, program advertisement, and student, staff, and community appreciation benefitting school settings.

Faculty Sponsors

Cameron Keuning Karen McNamara

MHS Student Government Officers

Office Title Student Name
Class of 2025 President  Una Kang
Class of 2025 Officer Kate Joo
Class of 2025 Officer Brooke Hawken
Class of 2025 Officer Youngjae Kim
Class of 2025 Administrator Jeff Barham
Class of 2024 President Samuel Urwin Pinto 
Class of 2024 Officer Bennett Brunner
Class of 2024 Officer Mary Johnson
Class of 2024 Officer Miles Sipper
Class of 2024 Sponsors Margo Nye & Britton Boyce
Class of 2024 Administrator Monica Charles-Williams
Class of 2023 President Saehee Perez
Class of 2023 Officer Max Blacksten
Class of 2023 Officer Aimen Sajid
Class of 2023 Officer Olivia Tennant
Class of 2023 Sponsors Rachel Frasier
Class of 2023 Administrator Jenny York
Class of 2022 President Andy Chung
Class of 2022 Officer Rowan Frew
Class of 2022 Officer Maren Johnson
Class of 2022 Officer Cynthia Ma
Class of 2022 Sponsors Melissa Duluc & Cameron Keuning
Class of 2022 Administrator Sean Rolon
SGA President Olivia Zhang
SGA Officer Sebastian Cohen
SGA Officer Rowan Frew
SGA Officer Arman Nikmorad
SAC Atticus Gore
SAC Philip Ermanoski
SAC Zach Hasan
SAC Sophia Pandit
SAC (Alternate) Kevin Lim