Clubs and Organizations

Fairfax County Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to all clubs and activities.  The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies as they relate to student activities and athletics: Bill Curran, Director Activities and Athletics Fairfax County Public Schools @email

How to Start a New Club

Please view the MHS Student Clubs folder in the All Students Course in Schoology for information about our clubs as well as the process to start a new club. 

New Club Contact

Jeremy Hays | [email protected]

MHS Club List 

Adopt a Mission 

Club Sponsor: Stephen Sudik

Sponsor Contact: [email protected] 

Schoology Code: SRNQ-WKZT-SD3P3


Amnesty International Club

Club Sponsor: Amanda Williams

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: DMFG-BJHK-VVVV3

Amnesty International is a school club that offers service hours, leadership positions and an opportunity to make a positive impact globally. This club is a high school chapter of the nonprofit Amnesty International which focuses on international human rights. Join us to discuss topics that interest you, spread awareness, connect with like minded individuals, and take action!

American Red Cross Club

Club Sponsor: Meghan Percival

Sponsor Contact: [email protected] 

Schoology Code: Q8CT-8JW9-89NWG


Red Cross Club is a volunteer based club

Asian American Association (AAA)

Club Sponsor: Wendy Pearson

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: W3N7-HT46-NBJ75

The MHS Asian American Association is a safe space for students of all backgrounds and grade levels to celebrate Asian culture. We host everything from cultural events to language lessons and fun activities about Asia.

Art Awareness Organization (Inactive)

Sponsor Needed

ASL Club of McLean (Inactive)

Club Sponsor: Dr. Ellen Reilly

Sponsor Contact: @email

Astronomy Club

Club Sponsor: Andrew Diller/ Jeff Brocketti

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: 9HSM-GQ8F-HQVNJ

The Astronomy Club allows students interested in everything astronomy and space related to get together and discuss current events and other topics. We also host skywatch nights at the observatory.

Best Buddies

Club Sponsor: Mark Thompson

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: P3MT-3J45-4DST5

The club promotes building relationships between general education students and students with developmental disabilities.

Biology Olympiad

Club Sponsor: Julia Murdock

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: WCCS-J5RF-5C9XM

Club that meets to learn and review Biology concepts and studies. Every student is welcome. Those who choose may take the National Biology Olympiad Exam at the end of the year.

Black Student Union

Club Sponsor: Chris Phillips

Sponsor Contact: [email protected] 

Schoology Code: CPTB-8M3M-JH4JJ

The Black Student Union was created to curate a safe place for black students and allies at McLean, in addition to educating students on the “culture,” and encouraging students to embrace their heritage and feel comfortable with themselves. During BSU meetings, we will talk about Colleges and Universities, Black history, and host events, such as trips to museums or culture nights.

Book Club

Club Sponsor: Morgan Popma

Sponsor Contact: [email protected] 

Schoology Code: G2H3-VF4R-S7JN8

The Book Club is a student-led monthly book discussion in which the students choose from various genres. The club members bring a diversity of thought and experience to the lively discussions. Reading the whole book per month is not mandatory to participate in the discussions.

Breakfast Club

Club Sponsor: Emily Fifer

Sponsor Contact: @email 

Schoology Code: PJXD-RF5V-FPGGV

A social club for students to talk with others and make new friends, while also discussing important and interesting topics.

Caledonia Yearbook

Club Sponsor: Meghan Percival 

Sponsor Contact: @email 

Schoology Code: BGD9-47R5-7XXQM

Caledonia is McLean's student-run yearbook. This club is co-curricular, meaning members of The Caledonia staff must be enrolled in a Photojournalism 1-4 class to participate. Students who would like to freelance as a photographer, should contact Ms. Percival.

Chemnection Club

Club Sponsor: Christina Hicks

Sponsor Contact: @email 

Schoology Code: HK8K-HC8K-CQ9WR

Chemistry tutoring club

Chinese Club 

Club Sponsor: Wendy Pearson

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: F6D6-D2DJ-Q63T7


Choirs (Inactive)

Club Sponsor: Linda Martin

Sponsor Contact: @email


Civil Engineering Blue Print (Inactive)

Sponsor Needed

College Partnership Program

Club Sponsor: Maddie Murphey-Neilson & Mary Barnes

Sponsor Contact: [email protected]  

Schoology Code: RMQN-W3K4-6JG48

The College Partnership Program (CPP) assist students who are traditionally underrepresented in higher education (first generation, African-American, American Indian, Alaskan Native, Hispanic, limited English proficient, students with disabilities or economically disadvantaged students), or who are willing to pursue advanced coursework and demonstrate leadership in school or community activities.

Combating Misinformation Lab

Club Sponsor: Lindsay Benedict

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: 3ZZJ-WHXM-QXBZH

Combating Misinformation Lab is a club to raise awareness among youth about the use of media/social media platforms and to promote accurate, timely and civil discourse in the age of fake news and misinformation. We organize virtual and on-site events at schools, libraries and community centers for educating youth about media and generate discussions on misinformation, myths and conspiracy theories in the age of digital media and social media platforms on crucial topics such as COVID-19, vaccines, etc.

Computer Science Honor Society

Club Sponsor: Britton Boyce

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: N3FS-H2JN-XTBS7

The Computing, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation club aims to study and explore a diverse range of topics within computer science such as artificial intelligence, data science, and cybersecurity to develop innovative solutions to pressing problems. Members learn and apply their coding skills to build real world applications such as web apps at club hosted workshops.

Cyber Patriots (only accepts new members in February)

Club Sponsor: Christopher Szara

Sponsor Contact: [email protected] 

Schoology Code: HMJS-GHT5-FC6TP

The CyberPatriot program introduces students to cyber security through hands on collaboration and competition. CyberPatriot is the Air Force Association’s National Youth Cyber Education Program, created to motivate students toward careers in cybersecurity and other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.


Club Sponsor: Jennifer Stackhouse

Sponsor Contact: [email protected] 

Schoology Code: KB28-85MN-3MH4F

Offering a space for all levels of debaters to grow, compete, and thrive, the Debate Club is a staple at McLean, and an essential component of the school community. All grade levels are welcome, and Public Forum, Lincoln Douglass, as well as Speech Debate are offered.


DECA (Association of Marketing Students)

Club Sponsor: Debbie Dove

Sponsor Contact: [email protected]

For Marketing students to develop skills in Leadership, Management, Marketing, Hospitality & Entrepreneurship. Must be in a Marketing class or a course taught by a Marketing teacher.

Digital Art Club

Club Sponsor: Allison Dreon

Sponsor Contact: [email protected] 

Schoology Code: 3SJP-6PHV-XSRBP

Digital Art club is for all that have a love for or interest in creating digital art. While this is not a club to learn digital art, students will have the opportunity to create with peers, work on projects with the school or other clubs, as well as further their skills and abilities.

Diversity in Awareness (Inactive)

Sponsor Needed

Drama Club

Club Sponsor: Philip Reid

Sponsor Contact: @email

Dungeons and Dragons Club (Inactive)

Club Sponsor: TBD

Sponsor Contact: 

Schoology Code: GC72-NDJD-D7JSD

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) club is a student-run club for interactive tabletop roleplaying games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and others. We also play other board games more generally.

Eco Action Club

Club Sponsor: Christine Price

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: V23Z-DFGK-T6RQZ



Environmental Club

Club Sponsor: Isabelle Brazell

Sponsor Contact: [email protected]



Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America/FCCLA

Club Sponsor: Linda Gore

Sponsor Contact: emailto:[email protected]

Schoology Code: 3VMT-VQ7P-6ZDTF

FCCLA is the CTSO / Career & Technical Student Organization for Family & Consumer Sciences. Our focus is on developing leadership skills for a healthy family, career readiness, and donation projects to benefit our local community. All are welcome!

Fashion Club (Inactive)

Club Sponsor: NA

Sponsor Contact: 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Club Sponsor: William West

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: DR94-PQGX-GTVKG

The FCA Mission: To present to athletes and coaches and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. All students are welcome to join in the fellowship regardless of religious background or athletic interests.

Feminist Club

Club Sponsor: Karen Wolpert

Sponsor Contact: @email

A relaxed, supportive place to discuss gender studies, women's place in history, and feminism around the world. We meet bi-monthly and listen to student-led presentations, followed by discussion and of course snacks.

Film Club (Inactive)

Club Sponsor: NA

Sponsor Contact:

Students will view a film prior to the club meeting. We will meet once a month in the library reference room to discuss the merits of the viewed film. Popcorn provided.

Financial Literacy and Business Club

Club Sponsor: Deb Dove

Sponsor Contact: [email protected] 

Schoology Code: F8SV-4JD3-69G54

The Financial Literacy and Business club meets during HT-Flex to cover crucial financial literacy and business topics, and is the place for students interested in business to compete in national Business competitions. Earn service hours through volunteering at local schools and homeless shelters. Meetings incorporate interactive games, guest speakers, and the club is currently accepting leadership applications


Financial Market Analysis Club

Club Sponsor: Joseph Dwyer

Sponsor Contact: [email protected] 

Schoology Code: 7W5Q-CB5P-ZR3H3   

McLean FMAO was created to stimulate passion and spread knowledge to those interested in Stocks and the field of Finance. In our club, we focus on educating members on stock market strategies, foundations of financial literacy, and explore interactive enrichment activities.


Club Sponsor: Tatiana Le

Sponsor Contact: [email protected] 

Schoology Code: GX3W-2ZJ5-7H7SS

Forensics is the competitive speech team (not debate!) that will meet to practice and prepare for competitions. We have a variety of speech types that you can choose from, including: humorous or dramatic duos, poetry, storytelling, original oratory, impromptu, and many more! It’s so much fun, in addition to being great practice of a lifelong skill.

French Club

Club Sponsor: Michael Click/ Isabella Brazell

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: JXH9-CQ62-G5PB9 

French Club is a student-run group to learn about & celebrate French culture.

Future Medical Professionals Club

Sponsor: Jenn Choumil 

Sponsor Contact: [email protected] 


Gardening Club

Club Sponsor: 

Sponsor Contact: 

The Gardening club plants vegetable and flower plants in the plant beds near the track at MHS. We meet once a week and plant, weed, water, pick, create signs, and plan for next year's garden.

Girls Leadership Committee

Club Sponsor: Kathleen Otal

Sponsor Contact: [email protected]

Schoology Code: KW7G-P7CT-N858D

Girls Leadership encourages women’s empowerment in our community, and supports girls in building their confidence, achieving their goals, and gaining lasting friendships. The club hosts a wide variety of activities from aiding women in need nearby with our menstrual product drive, to organizing workshops which help girls explore career opportunities and prepare for the future. Girls Leadership aims to confront the problems in society created by the gender gap.

GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance)

Club Sponsor: Seth LeBlanc

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: 49G2-TMRR-8RCFK

GSA is a place for LGBTQIA+ students and their allies to join together for friendship, creativity, activism, and to create a sense of community and positivity for LGBTQIA+ McLean students.

German Club

Club Sponsor: Karen Wolpert

Sponsor Contact: @email

We watch German movie clips, TV shows, news, and music videos, as well as discuss matters of German culture.


Girls Who Code

Club Sponsor: Karyn Kolly

Sponsor Contact: @email 

Schoology Code: H8MQ-5M85-95H33

Girls Who Code is on a mission to close the gender gap in technology and to change the image of what a programmer looks like and does.

Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) (Inactive)

Club Sponsor: NA

Sponsor Contact: 

History Honors Society

Club Sponsor: Dylan Wedan & Julian Kabat

Sponsor Contact:  [email protected] & [email protected] 

Schoology Code:   88H7-J9SJ-6ZPQ4 

Honor society for students who excel in social studies classes.  Members will be based on academic standards and an application process

Highlanders on the Run (Sp.Ed.)

Club Sponsor: Debra Opalesky/ Anna Southworth 

Sponsor Contact: @email@email 

This club was started 17 years ago to provide the opportunity for students with disabilities to participate in running in a less competitive environment. Run club meets once a week in the spring to train for a 5K. We encourage all students to participate as a runner or buddy runner.

Highlander Stories

Club Sponsor: Heather Jorgenson

Sponsor Contact: @email

Highlander Stories club captures and celebrates others’ unique stories in a variety of forms, including interviews, presentations, videos, animations, and more, to encourage a more interconnected community, especially in this time of difficulty.

History Honor Society

Club Sponsor: Julian Kabat 

Sponsor Contact: @email

Honor society for students who excel in social studies classes.  Members will be based on academic standards and an application process.

Interact (Inactive)

Club Sponsor: Na

Sponsor Contact: 

Schoology Code:  5K4Z-5NBR-4M8DD

McLean Interact is a volunteer organization allowing for students to receive updates on local volunteer events and service hours at monthly meetings. The club encourages students to build relationships with their community through charity events.

International Club

Club Sponsor: Emer Johnson 

Sponsor Contact: @email

International club celebrates the wide variety of cultures present at McLean HS. We have monthly meetings, and the year culminates in planning an International Night in the spring.

Japanese Cultural Club

Club Sponsor: Michael Stone

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code:  T26S-JDKV-PNBJW

Within the Japanese Cultural Club, we explore anime, karaoke, origami, language lessons, cooking streams, gaming, special events, and anything else related to the culture of Japan. If the school allows it, it's on the table! Join to enjoy yourself in a relaxed environment and learn about the wonders of Japan.

Jewish Student Association

Club Sponsor: Adam Newburger

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code:  XQKP-MQN5-S7QTR

The MHS Jewish Student Association is a place for students to learn about or explore Judaism and speak with other Jewish students. During JSA meetings, students may hear  guest speakers from the community or each other about Judaism.

Korean Club

Club Sponsor: Ava Minutello 

Sponsor Contact: [email protected] 

Schoology Code: D58Z-PFSS-FBBKF


Language Center (Inactive)

Club Sponsor: NA

Sponsor Contact: 

Schoology Code: MFCQ-D7XK-GN5CH

Students tutor their peers and younger students in foreign languages or English writing. We hold both in-person and online sessions.

Latin Club and Latin Honor Society

Club Sponsor: Ava Minutello 

Sponsor Contact: [email protected]

The Latin Club is an opportunity for students (whether taking Latin or not) to explore their interests in Latin and the Classics with their fellow Highlanders. Latin Honors Society allows Latin students to engage further in the study of the language, Roman history, society, and culture, and to share their love for the Classics through service and tutoring opportunities.

Marine Biology Club

Club Sponsor: Andrew Diller

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: 8VNZ-NCMG-WM7XR

Marine Biology Club's mission is to bring people together who have a common love for our world's oceans. Whether your jam is coastal clean-ups, trips to the aquarium, ocean documentaries, or getting involved with research this is the club for you.

Math Honor Society (Mu Alpha Theta)

Club Sponsor: Kelly Bozzi/ Ginnie Quarry/ Emily Fifer

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code:  9TND-RJQD-4HH2F

Membership in Mu Alpha Theta is open to high-achieving and intellectually curious 11th and 12th graders who enjoy mathematics. Members are required to complete service hours related to mathematics (tutoring, etc.). MHS Math Honor Society members will be admitted into the nationwide Mu Alpha Theta organization.

McCrypto Club (Inactive)

Club Sponsor:  

Sponsor Contact: 

Schoology Code: 7W5Q-CB5P-ZR3H3

McCrypto focuses on educating members on blockchain technology, including but not limited to cryptocurrencies.


Club Sponsor: Bridget Donoghue 

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: G52Q-4MMW-J67D9

McDance-a-Thon is a service club dedicated to fundraising for Children's National Hospital in DC. We hold monthly meetings, monthly fundraisers, and end the year with a 7 hour dance marathon to reveal how much money we've raised.

McLean Youth Harmony Club

Club Sponsor: Starlet Smith

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: ZFD6-24GT-XNGVS

Student musicians come together to make a musical impact on the community by performing virtually or in-person for nursing homes, hospitals, and other places throughout the community, participating in Instrument Donation Drives, assisting with local elementary school music programs, and more! Students of any musical background are invited to join this club and share their love for music with the community, as being enrolled in a performing arts class is NOT required for membership. Visit for more information! 

McLean Highlander Math League (MHML)

Club Sponsor: Brian Simmons

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: CQVF-46P9-C83N6

McLean Investment Club (Inactive)

Club Sponsor: 

Sponsor Contact: 

Schoology Code: G3NX-G2JH-4VJGM

The McLean Investment Club is for those interested in the stock market, money management, mutual funds, and investment strategies. Members participate in an online stock market game and compete to be the top investor each semester. Meetings are held weekly, in which members regularly volunteer to present their market projections for the upcoming months after researching recent business and economic trends.


Club Sponsor: Rachel Frasier

Sponsor Contact: @email

McMatics is a club that offers free peer tutoring for all McLean students in any of their math courses (tutors have all completed Algebra 2 or higher). Students can drop-in to these sessions for group tutoring with other students in the same math course or they can fill out a Google Form to arrange one-on-one tutoring. Follow @mcmaticsclub on Instragram to receive updates on meetings or e-mail [email protected] with any questions!

McXdance Club

Club Sponsor: Starlet Smith

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: MCQ4-986G-J79BZ

Students come together to learn and perform hip-hop, k-pop, and other styles of dance! This club is a fun way to make new friends, express yourself, learn new choreography, and have an opportunity to perform at events such as International Night and pep rallies! Dance practices are held once a week after school and no prior dance experience is required.

MHS Computing Olympiad (Inactive)

Sponsor Needed

MHS Biology Club

Club Sponsor: Cathy Hott

Sponsor Contact: @email

The MHS Biology Club brings together people interested in the different branches of the field of biology to discuss biology topics and work on projects as a club. There will be opportunities to learn about and educate others in different biology topics along with the exploration of different paths/majors in biology.

MHS Ethics Bowl Team

Club Sponsor: Cathy Hott

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: 69FR-WPCF-59PBH

The Ethics Bowl Club at McLean is a team that meets regularly to discuss a set of 15 real-world cases and answers questions about these cases with responses supported by strong emphasis on the intersection of ethics with economic and public policy decision making. The team may also compete in regional Ethics Bowls where teams explain and defend their positions on cases presented, thinking through the issues and giving special attention to the moral aspects of the case.

Middle Eastern Club

Club Sponsor: Ian Howell 

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code:  THG2-T649-V4VW2


Minds Matter

Club Sponsor: Marly Jerome-Featherson/ Amber Simpkins

Sponsor Contact: @email 

Schoology Code: 24V2-7C9M-5HPQM

Our Minds Matter (OMM). OMM is a student-led movement to change school culture around mental health.

Mock Trial Club

Club Sponsor: Bridget Donoghue

Sponsor Contact: [email protected]  

Model United Nations

Club Sponsor: Julian Kabat

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: HBC9-VNVN-F3839

Model United Nations (or Model UN) is an academic simulation of the United Nations where students play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to solve real world issues with the policies and perspectives of their assigned country.

Muslim Student Association

Club Sponsor: Nicholas Alexander-Goldsmith 

Sponsor Contact: [email protected] 

Schoology Code: 3R8V-7FM2-C7FQ4

National Art Honors Society

Club Sponsor: Swapna Elias

Sponsor Contact: @email

Our mission is to raise awareness about the arts through community building and service and to encourage and celebrate all of the creative endeavors of students at McLean High School.

National English Honor Society

Club Sponsor: Anna Caponetti 

Sponsor Contact: [email protected]

Schoology Code: TKS9-53XM-5G8DR

A national honor society for English scholarship which aims to foster a love of writing and literature in the community.

National Honor Society

Club Sponsor: Patty McNeill

Sponsor Contact: [email protected]

National Honor Society is an international society of students committed to service and scholarship. Students with above a 3.5 GPA are invited to apply at the beginning of their junior year. McLean has over 400 members each year.

National Technical Honor Society

Club Sponsor: Cara Mosely 

Sponsor Contact: [email protected]

Schoology Code: PP74-VWCP-F46VP

Operation Smile

Club Sponsor: Emer Johnson

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: DRQZ-9G6T-78KS6

Our club focuses on raising money and awareness of the Operation Smile International Charitable Organization.

Physics Olympiad

Club Sponsor: Erin Kreeger

Sponsor Contact: [email protected]  

Schoology Code: 2PFZ-FG72-DKV73 

Physics Tutoring Club

Club Sponsor: Jeff Brocketti 

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: 9NFX-Q7DR-T59M7

Students should be prepared to tutor other students during the Highlander Time Flex period as well as other predetermined times throughout the year. Students using this service will range in level and ability. Students joining as tutors should not only have a basic knowledge of physics, but should also be patient and eager to help others.

Poetry Club

Club Sponsor: Anna Caponetti 

Sponsor Contact: @email


Practical Psychology

Club Sponsor: Lindsay Boerger

Sponsor Contact: @email 

Schoology Code: 7JHF-B67J-7343F 

In the club we will talk about different psychological theories and experiments that were done in psychology. We may test different psychological theories, for example, who can remember as much information in very little time using their short term memory. 

Quiz Bowl

Club Sponsor: Jeff Brocketti/ Lindsay Benedict

Sponsor Contact: @email@email 

Schoology Code:  X9DZ-X5MC-GZ8HQ

Quiz Bowl is a trivia club and team which practices and competes throughout the region. Our most prominent show is It's Academic on NBC4. We are also a VHSL team and won the state championship in 2020.

Quill & Scroll Journalism Honor Society

Club Sponsor: Lindsay Benedict/ Meghan Percival

Sponsor Contact: @email@email

Quill & Scroll is an international honor society for student journalists. Quill &Scroll members at McLean work to promote and organize journalism-related activities for the school and community. Students are eligible to join Quill & Scroll during their second year of a journalism, photojournalism or broadcast journalism course.


Rubiks Cube Club (Inactive)

Club Sponsor: 

Sponsor Contact: 

Schoology Code: 6B6B-H4N6-R9JSV

The McLean High School Rubik's Cube Club is a place for people with like-minded interests to socialize and solve cubes together. The club hosts various activities such as cube mosaics, team solves, and learning how to solve cubes. Beginners and Pros - All are welcome!

The Russian Society

Club Sponsor: Katie Van Nuys

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: 97BZ-R6WB-FWVFX

The Russia Society will explore the culture, history, arts, current events, and people of Russia through interesting activities. These activities will include discussing Russian literature, learning the basics of the Russian language, having live talks with Russian high school students, hearing from Russian guest speakers in the fields such as business and government.

Safe Club

Club Sponsor: Margaret Nye

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: BSH7-3ZKV-4WFKH

SAFE (Students Advocating for Equality) Club works to cultivate positive social change through service and education. Students strive to model active citizenship and meaningful community engagement.

Science National Honor Society

Club Sponsor: 

Sponsor Contact:

Schoology Code: HRXK-CNPK-X3NK3

Science National Honor Society (SNHS) is a multi-discipline outreach and community service student organization. All projects are student organized and run.

Science Olympiad

Club Sponsor: Billy Thomas

Sponsor Contact: @email 

Schoology Code: PW64-Q8R6-82N42

Science Olympiad is an organization that competes in science and engineering related competitions. The team practices twice a week after school, where individuals and pairs train for their assigned events. The Science Olympiad team competes in invitational, regional, and state tournaments each year (tournaments take place on Saturdays).

Spanish Club

Club Sponsor: Melissa Duluc/ Marco Garcia

Sponsor Contact: @email@email

This club is for students who take Spanish at McLean. Through this club, students will learn more about the different Spanish-speaking cultures.

Spanish National Honor Society/ Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica

Club Sponsor: Calyn Painter

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: PQPC-6RZQ-M5CBH

The Spanish National Honor Society is an organization dedicated to the furthering of knowledge of and interest in the Spanish and Portuguese languages and the culture of Hispanic countries. Members will fulfill hours of service including tutoring. Students in the national chapter are eligible to win scholarships.

Speak Up

Club Sponsor: Michael Enos

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code:  9G66-3RJH-F9NBF

A club where students can go to make new friends, learn how to convey ideas, and practice public speaking in a welcoming and judgement free environment. Many service projects are also present where club members can gain volunteer hours. Whether you are an experienced speaker or are just starting out, there will always be something for you at Speak Up!

Special Olympics Soccer and Basketball

Club Sponsor: Mark Thompson/ Molly Payne

Sponsor Contact: @email

Club offers students with developmental disabilities the opportunity to participate in sporting activities of soccer and basketball.

Sports Psychology Club (Inactive)

Sponsor Needed

SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving)

Club Sponsor: Nate Worek

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: T8MC-ZPM4-29T65

SADD mission is to empower young people to successfully confront the risks and pressures that challenge them throughout their daily lives to make positive, healthy, safe decisions. 

Tartan Literary Magazine

Club Sponsor: Lindsay Benedict/ Seth LeBlanc

Sponsor Contact: [email protected]

Schoology Code: SR52-T3XS-GJ2Q9

Members of The Tartan staff curate students' art and writing to create a literary magazine. Everyone is welcome to join The Tartan!


Club Sponsor: Philip Reid

Sponsor Contact: [email protected]

Schoology Code: X6M3-QWMT-5MWV8

The after school drama program at McLean High School

The Highlander

Club Sponsor: Lindsay Benedict

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: DCX7-RT8M-K8ZSK

The Highlander is McLean's student-run news magazine and news website. This club is co-curricular, meaning members of The Highlander staff must be enrolled in a Journalism 1-4 class to participate.

Tri-M Music Honor Society

Club Sponsor: Starlet Smith

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: FCQB-CVDC-ZJXXW

Tri-M is the international honor society recognizing secondary music students for their musical ability, academic excellence, school involvement, and community service. We hold monthly meetings to discuss a variety of music topics, hear from guest speakers, perform for one another, and participate in various community service activities. Students grades 10-12 enrolled in orchestra, band, choir, or guitar classes at McLean HS are eligible to apply for membership.

TSA (Technology Student Association)

Club Sponsor: Cara Mosley/ Libby Settlemyer 

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: 3RKP-RS9K-RFG48

This is a national organization that sponsors competitions at the regional, state, and national level in events that support the Technology and Engineering curriculum.

UNICEF Club Of Mclean

Club Sponsor: Hilary Viets

Sponsor Contact:  @email

Schoology Code: CFTD-C8W9-Z2VRC


You and the World (new name "Community Impact Club")

Club Sponsor: Hilary Viets

Sponsor Contact: @email

The Community Impact club uses the think-solve-act method to identify, solve and execute a solution to an issue in our community. This club engages in activities in order to not only make our community a better place but also focus on creating deep connections with other students.

Young Leaders of America

Club Sponsor: Hilary Viets

Sponsor Contact: [email protected]

Schoology Code: CS77-7SM5-ZJFPB

Young Leaders of America is a youth led organization dedicated to instilling the values of leadership, service, and awareness in order to build youth leaders of character in the 21st century. YLA engages in numerous joint community service efforts with other organizations such as the American Legion and Operation Comfort Warriors in order to understand the true importance and values of service.

Young Democrats

Club Sponsor: Karen McNamara

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: 582G-66XG-KZQWM

Young Democrats is a group that engages in political discussion and civic engagement linked with Democratic Party. The group works to promote student civic engagement, further understanding of Democratic policies and candidates, as well as overall knowledge of the political process. Students of all political beliefs are welcome.

Youth Harmony Club

Club Sponsor: Starlet Smith

Sponsor Contact: @email

Schoology Code: ZFD6-24GT-XNGVS

Student musicians come together to make a musical impact on the community by performing virtually or in-person for nursing homes, hospitals, and other places throughout the community, participating in Instrument Donation Drives, assisting with local elementary school music programs, and more! Students of any musical background are invited to join this club and share their love for music with the community, as being enrolled in a performing arts class is NOT required for membership. Visit for more information!