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Countdown to Graduation!

McLean High School Graduation will be held on June 1, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. at Jiffy Lube Live.

Senior Class Sponsors

Please contact the Senior Class administrator with questions regarding Senior information or events.  

Senior End of Year Information

Senior Packet (Important Info & Events for Seniors)

April 9, 2021 REVISED LETTER


Dear Senior Class and Parents/Guardians: 


Graduation and related activities will take place very soon. In order to make these events successful and allow each family to make the appropriate plans, we are providing the following schedule and information. 


Graduation is less than two months away and the remainder of the school year will go by quickly. This is an important time in the lives of our seniors and we want to finish strong and provide both a Convocation ceremony to celebrate the achievements of the Class of 2021 and an in-person graduation to conclude the year. The challenges we faced together over the last year have only made it more important to keep students connected to each other and to our community.  Not only are these final weeks important to their education, but they are also essential for character building. Stressing the importance of good attendance and reliability now sets a standard for future college and workplace attendance. 


We want this time to be fun and eventful for each student, but we also want all of our students to be safe and walk across the stage at Jiffy Lube Live on Tuesday, June 1.  Each student will receive either four (4) or five (5) tickets for guests once we determine the official capacity of the venue.  As your son/daughter prepares to attend McLean High School Senior Activity events, it is an appropriate time to review the substance abuse policy and the consequences of violation as it pertains to school-sponsored activities. Please know that seniors in violation of substance abuse policies within thirty days of any of the Senior Week activities (Convocation and the Graduation Ceremony) will not be permitted to participate in those activities.  Violations include the use, possession, distribution, manufacturing, giving, and being under the influence of a controlled substance, imitation controlled substances, illegal drugs or intoxicants, including alcohol, while on school property or while attending a school activity such as Convocation or Graduation. Please do not allow substance abuse to ruin what should be a joyous time for all students and their families. We want this to be a safe and happy time. 


We are very proud of the Class of 2021 and have been honored to work with them toward this most significant accomplishment. The following letter is packed with information so please read it carefully.  Should you have any questions regarding the information, please contact Ms. Rebekah Person (@email) and/or Ms. Amanda Williams (@email). 


Thank you for all your outstanding support. We look forward to seeing you and celebrating with you! 




Ellen Reilly Jeff Barham Rebekah Person Amanda Williams

Principal Class Administrator Class Sponsor   Class Sponsor


Important Dates and Events for Seniors




Friday, May 7

Sign Language Interpreter Requested for Graduation ceremony

Email request to Kathleen Otal at @email.

Monday, May 17

1st Graduation Rehearsal

Attendance is mandatory if you plan to attend graduation.  This rehearsal covers decor, rules, logistics, fees, and obligations. We will practice from 8:30 am -10:30 am.  

Friday, May 21

All Senior Dues must be turned in

$75, can be paid through MySchoolBucks 

Friday, May 21

Cap and Gown Pickup

Seniors can pick up their caps and gowns via a car parade from 3:30pm - 5:00pm outside Door 9. 

Monday, May 24

Senior Material Return/Laptop drop off 

If seniors are done with the school year and have no remaining AP tests, they should return their materials and their laptops this day. Seniors will drop off their materials at Door 14 and will then drive around to Door 1 to drop off laptops. Seniors should return their materials in the red bag with the label stapled to the outside that they received in September when they picked up materials. Seniors may drop off from 11:30-2:30.

Wednesday, May 26

2nd Graduation Rehearsal

Mandatory practice from 8:30 am to 10:30 am on the football field.  Students who do not attend WILL NOT participate in commencement ceremony on June 1. Each senior who has fulfilled all financial obligations will receive 4-5 tickets to graduation following the rehearsal.  This date was chosen because there are no morning conflicts with AP tests for seniors. 

Thursday, May 27


Convocation will take place from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.  on the football field. Students should arrive at 8:30 am.

Friday, May 28

3rd Graduation Rehearsal 


*Rain Date for 2nd Graduation Rehearsal and Convocation

Mandatory practice from 8:30 am - 10:30 am. Seniors who completed all AP exams during the week of May 24-May 28 should return their materials and laptops this day. Students will be able to return materials immediately following Graduation Rehearsal #3 from 10:30 am -1:30 pm. This is a time to ensure all materials, laptops, and obligations are taken care of. Students who were unable to turn in their laptop on Monday, 5/24 will turn in their laptops at this time.

Monday, May 31

Memorial Day

Holiday - No School

Tuesday, June 1

Graduation at Jiffy Lube Live

7:00 pm Commencement Ceremony, all graduating students must report to Jiffy Lube Live no later than 6:00 pm

Wednesday, June 2

Graduation Party

The McLean PTSA is sponsoring a party from 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm.  More details will be provided in the upcoming weeks.  


Senior Dues and other Obligations 

Senior dues are $75.00 per student and cover cap and gown, diploma cover, one tassel, and other graduation costs. Students who have not yet paid senior dues must do so by May 21, 2021.  Senior Dues are now available on the school store and must be paid through MySchoolBucks. Families who are unable to pay the senior dues due to financial hardship should contact their child’s counselor so that we can work with them. All discussions will remain confidential. 


All obligations must be paid before students will receive graduation tickets and caps and gowns.  Seniors will be contacted for past school year obligations.  A final obligation report for the current school year will be communicated the week of May 24 as we collect school-owned items.  Obligations can be due to the following reasons: Senior dues, lost/damaged textbook dating back to freshman year, course fee(s), parking fees, library fees, AP testing fee, etc.  


Students should also contact Ms. Weber ( in the Main Office to see if they have any other financial obligations. All financial obligations must be paid before students will be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.  


Highlander Internship Program (HIP)

This school year we will need to cancel HIP.  We’re sorry to not be able to offer the program this year, but there are numerous companies that are not able to support our program.  Advanced Placement testing also occurs during this time, and graduation is rapidly approaching.  



The McLean High School Prom will take place on May 15, 2021.  The governor’s and CDC recommendation does not allow more than 100 people on campus for a social event.  Due to this advice, prom will have to look different this year.  Details will be forthcoming once we are able to work with our Student Council.  


Hershey Park Update

McLean High School will not facilitate a group trip for the entire Class of 2021 this year.  However, if each senior would like one ticket to Hershey Park, please fill out the attached Google Form.  The pick up days will occur every Thursday starting April 8 through May 13 through Ms. Yates in the Attendance Office from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.  Students can coordinate a time to visit the park on their own.  Note:  All tickets expire on June 30, 2021.  


Hershey Park has implemented health and safety enhancements to protect the well-being of guests, team members, and the community.  All guests to Hersey Park are required to reserve their day using their online reservation system at  Reservations are made after purchasing tickets (including receiving them from McLean High School) and before your visit.  Guests may modify or cancel their existing reservation at any time. 


Senior Exams 

All senior final exams are waived for this year. Seniors will not sit for final exams in any classes.


Graduation Rehearsal #1 and #2 - ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY! 

On Monday, May 17th at 8:30 am and Wednesday, May 26th at 8:30 am all seniors must meet on the McLean High School football field for graduation rehearsals. Those individuals who fail to attend the rehearsal will be excluded from the graduation ceremony. No one will be excused from this rehearsal unless prior approval is granted by Jeff Barham, Assistant Principal - @email.  


Seniors will be given seating and marching arrangements and will practice the processional and recessional for graduation. A complete rehearsal of the program will be conducted and tickets for graduation will be distributed at the conclusion of the second graduation rehearsal.   


Following Graduation Rehearsal #2, seniors who have met all their academic and financial obligations will receive their tickets for graduation. Each student will receive four (4) - five (5) graduation tickets based on the capacity of Jiffy Lube LiveWe are still finalizing several details for the venue.  


Cap and Gown Car Parade

On Friday, May 21st, at 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm, seniors who have met all their academic and financial obligations will receive their caps and gowns in a car parade by the Rock Entrance/Door 9 from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm.   


Graduation Rehearsal #3 - ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY 

On Friday, May 28, at 8:30 am we will have the third graduation practice on the McLean High School football field.  



All seniors who have received their caps and gowns will participate in Convocation (McLean’s annual school wide celebration of the senior class) on Thursday, May 27th from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.  Seniors are to wear their caps and gowns over casual clothes for this event. In addition, seniors may decorate their caps (in a school-appropriate manner) to celebrate their accomplishments. These decorations must be removed, however, prior to the graduation ceremony.


Seniors are to meet appropriately dressed in the football stadium at 8:30 am for the Convocation Processional. The ceremony will begin at 9:00 am on the football field. Parents of students who are receiving awards are notified prior to the ceremony and are invited to attend. Following the governor’s order, capacity is limited to 900 people in the stadium.  


Yearbooks are not going to arrive at McLean High School until the summer.  We will have more information on the process to pick them up once we receive confirmation of delivery.  



The Baccalaureate service will be a virtual event again this year. A link will be sent out prior to graduation so that everyone can watch the ceremony.



Graduation will be held at Jiffy Lube Live, 7800 Cellar Door Drive, Bristow, VA, 20136, on Tuesday, June 1 at 7:00 pm. For directions, visit

  • If you require a sign language interpreter please make that request, in writing, by emailing Kathleen Otal (@email) by Friday, May 7, 2021.    
  • All school fees, fines, obligations, parking tickets, returned checks, and Senior Dues must be paid and attendance at all graduation rehearsals is MANDATORY in order to receive your tickets and to participate in the graduation ceremony. Students, who have not paid their fines, will not receive a copy of their diploma.

Students must be at Jiffy Lube Live no later than 6:00 PM on June 1. Prior to entering Jiffy Lube Live for graduation, students will be searched for items that are prohibited during the ceremony. Students will only be allowed to bring an Identification Card/Driver’s License and car key with them to Jiffy Lube Live.  Students cannot have their phones on them for the graduation ceremony. 


Transportation to the ceremony will be provided to students and families if necessary. Students/families will have to pay a fee per person to ride the bus to and from Jiffy Lube Live. If you need transportation, please go to MySchoolBucks by May 24 to reserve your spot on one of the buses. The cost is $20 per person. 

Tips on transportation and parking

Driving Directions from McLean High School: 

  • Take 66 West to Exit 43B
  • Merge onto 29 and take a right onto University Boulevard  
  • Take a left onto Wellington Road
  • Take a right onto Cellar Door Road    

A respectful, dignified ceremony has been planned that will require everyone’s cooperation.  No messages on caps or gowns, noisemakers, or any other inappropriate toys or items such as signs, balls, balloons, etc. will be permitted. Food and drink are not permitted. In addition, no backpacks, briefcases, or large containers of any kind will be permitted inside Jiffy Lube Live. All such objects will be confiscated at the door. Those who violate the formal and secure atmosphere, including students, will be immediately escorted from the ceremony.  Remember, we are guests at Jiffy Lube Live and a reflection of our community.

The dress code for Graduation is as follows

  • Appropriate business casual attire 
  • No shorts, no sandals, no flip flops, no sneakers
  • High heels are not advised 
  • NO decorated Caps

**Make plans with your family for a meeting place at Jiffy Lube Live after the ceremony. You will not be allowed back into the venue after the ceremony. 


Graduation Party 

On Wednesday, June 2, the McLean PTSA will sponsor a graduation party from 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm.  More information will be forthcoming.  


Graduation Photography

Lifetouch photographers will be at graduation to capture the special day. They will take photos of each graduate as they cross the stage to get their diploma, and once again immediately after they exit the stage to take a maskless while holding their diploma. 

Photos will be available to view and purchase, if you wish, using a specific link and password. This link should be available within one week of graduation and will be posted on the McLean HS webpage, the Class of 2021 Google Classroom site and emailed to all seniors at their fcpsschools account.

Graduation Videos

Graduation will be recorded. Families can purchase a video recording of the ceremony through Memories Videography. Visit the Memories Videography website for ordering information. 


Video Order Form

Graduation Informational Brochure


            Tickets are REQUIRED


            Tuesday, June 1, 2021- 7:00 p.m.



Congratulations on this milestone occasion! The faculty and staff of McLean High School look forward to recognizing your achievements during our commencement ceremony. This brochure contains all of the logistical information you will need to commemorate this celebration successfully.  



7:00 p.m. Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Graduates should arrive by 5:30 p.m. to line-up for the graduation ceremony. 



Tickets will be distributed to students in increments of 6. Each ticket is a general admission ticket with a unique barcode on the bottom of the ticket.  Tickets should be presented upon entering the main gate.   All seating in the 100, 200, and 300 sections will be available to guests as general admission (except section 203 which is reserved as accessible seating).  There will be some seating on the lawn for those guests who prefer that location.  Masks are not required, but recommended for unvaccinated individuals.



Jiffy Lube Live, 7800 Cellar Door Dr., Bristow, VA 20136



Graduates should enter the venue via the Cellar Door Dr. entrance and park in the VIP Lot. Graduates should proceed to the backstage area wearing appropriate regalia. Graduates will be required to pass through check-in and a safety screening before lining up; students are only permitted a key and ID. Please note, the walk from the parking lot to the staging area is a distance; students should be conscious of shoe choice.



Handicapped parking is located directly in front of the Main Gate. Guests in need can be dropped off at the Main Gate where golf carts will be available to chauffeur guests to their seats. Graduates needing special physical arrangements should contact Buddy Sekley ( by May 24, 2021 to make any necessary arrangements. 



Guest parking is located in Lot C and Lot A. Guests should arrive via the Bayou St. entrance and park accordingly. All guests will enter the venue via the Main Gate.



Gates will open 1 hour in advance of the ceremony start time. Tickets are required and are free. The ceremony will last approximately 1 ½ hours. Guests are permitted to bring cell phones, water only (no food), and clutch purses. All guests will be required to pass through a metal detector and bags will be searched prior to entry. Bags larger than 12” x 6” x 12” will not be permitted. All bags larger than 4.5” x 6.5” must be clear. Please visit the McLean High School website ( for more detailed information about the rules and regulations at Jiffy Lube Live. Masks are not required, but recommended for unvaccinated individuals.



Graduates and family members should plan where to meet up after the ceremony.  The best advice is to look at the map and decide a landmark that is outside of the pavilion.   



Graduation will be live streamed and the link is posted on our homepage.  Here is the link. You may order a recording of the graduation online or mail in the form.  The form to order is attached to this letter.

Ordering link - Video Order Form



Lifetouch photographers will be at graduation to capture the special day. They will take photos of each graduate as they cross the stage to get their diploma, and once again immediately after they exit the stage to take a maskless photo while holding their diploma. 

Photos will be available to view and purchase, if you wish, using a specific link and password. This link should be available within one week of graduation and will be posted on the McLean HS webpage, the Class of 2021 Google Classroom site and emailed to all seniors at their fcpsschools account.


There will not be any arrangements to secure personal effects during the Commencement ceremony. FCPS and Jiffy Lube Live will not be responsible for any loss incurred. 



In case of rain, the Commencement ceremony will be held as scheduled. Seating is located under the pavilion and on the lawn. 




Jiffy Lube Live Rules and Regulations

Jiffy Lube Live 

7800 Cellar Door Drive 

Bristow, VA 20136 


Revised May 21, 2021


We are looking forward to hosting your commencement ceremony at Jiffy Lube Live. We ask all  those attending the ceremony familiarize themselves with the requirements and best practices  below. While you may be familiar with the venue, our policies have changed to better fit the  Fourth Amended Executive Order 72. Please refer any questions you may have to you school’s  graduation coordinator.  

• Masks are recommended for all guests who are not vaccinated or are immune  compromised. 

• Weapons are not allowed at Live Nation Entertainment Venues. This includes all off-duty  Law Enforcement Officers.  

• All persons entering the building are subject to search using walkthrough  magnetometers, handheld magnetometers, and/or       physical pat down search. 

• All bags will be searched prior to entry. Bags larger than 12” x 6” x 12” will not be  permitted. All bags larger than 4.5” x 6.5”           must be clear. Camera bags will not be  permitted. 

• Food and Drink other than water will not be permitted or available during the event. • Use of laser pointers, air horns, or other       noise making devices is not permitted.  • No signage/posters of any kind will be allowed into the venue. 

• Guests, Graduates, and Faculty will need to leave the premises promptly upon the  completion of the ceremony.

Jiffy Lube Live 

7800 Cellar Door Drive, Bristow, VA 20136 703-754-6400 


Principal's Message - Graduation Information

Click here to view a video presentation from Dr. Reilly and Mr. Barham containing all of the details related to graduation. 



Ariel View Map of Jiffy Lube Live

Graduation - Live Streaming Information

Families interested in viewing the commencement ceremony via livestream, please click here

Jiffy Lube Live Seating Chart