McLean Publications win Trophy Class Ranking!

By Lindsay Benedict
October 22, 2019

At this weekend’s VHSL Media Championship, we learned that all five of McLean’s publications earned a Trophy Class ranking for their 2018-19 publications from the Virginia High School League’s (VHSL) Publications Evaluation Services. Trophy Class is the highest ranking bestowed by VHSL.

McLean High School is the only school in the state to earn five Trophy Class designations this year!

Trophy Class winners were:


Broadcast Division

“WMHS News,” Lindsay Benedict, adviser


Magazine Division

“The Tartan,” Lindsay Benedict & Seth LeBlanc, advisers


Newsmagazine Division

“The Highlander,” Lindsay Benedict, adviser


Online Division

“The Highlander Online,” Lindsay Benedict, adviser


Yearbook Division

“Caledonia,” Meghan Percival, adviser



In addition, McLean students won the following awards in the VHSL Multimedia Contest:



Clubs Coverage – Second Place: Lan-Anh Dang Vu

Candid Photo – First Place: Czarek Bak

Infographics – Second Place: Matt Hutchison & Rachel Zhang



Straight News/News Feature – First Place: Marina Qu & Haine Jung

Sports News – First Place: Rebeka Rafti,

Features/In-Depth – First Place: Maren Kranking, Maria McHugo, Jeremy Siegel & Jack Stenzel

Features/In-Depth – Third Place: Talia Blakemore, Maren Kranking, Alex Mandanas & Maria McHugo

Editorials – Second Place: Nicholas Lohman

Review – Third Place: Imani McCormick

News/Feature Photo – Second Place: Ava Rotondo

News/Feature Photo – Third Place: Julia McElligott

Sports Photo – First Place: Anna Brykczynski

Infographics – Second Place: Pran Kittivorapat



News Package – First Place: Matt Wong

News Package – Third Place: Brendan Camp, Zach Anderson, Talia Blakemore & Ella Sangree

Feature Package – First Place: Matt Wong

Feature Package – Second Place: Matt Wong

Feature Package – Third Place: Brendan Camp, Zach Anderson, Talia Blakemore & Ella Sangree



Concept Packaging – Third Place: Tartan Staff,

Cover – Second Place: Emily Chopra & Dasha Makarishcheva

Non-Fiction – Second Place: Pran Kittivorapat

Prose Spread – Second Place: Inaya Huric

Poetry Spread – Third Place: Marina Qu