McLean Students Make All-District Bands

Performing Arts
January 17, 2024

Congratulations to all our students who auditioned for the All-District Bands! We are proud to report that McLean has a huge number of our students who have made the bands this year. McLean HS, once again, has the most number of students in All-District AND the highest number of students eligible to audition for All-Virginia.

These students will be participating in the event February 1-3 at Oakton HS and working with some of the best guest conductors in the United States. Dr. Mallory Thompson from Northwestern University will be conducting the Wind Ensemble. Dr. Scott Jones from Ohio State University will be conducting the Symphonic Band. Lou Bean from Lake Braddock Secondary School will be conducting the Middle School Band.

Here are the results for McLean:

*denotes All-VA eligible

^denotes 1st chair principal player



Abigail Sterner – Symphonic Band^



Abigail Sterner – Wind Ensemble*

Roman Sargent – Symphonic Band

Michael Lee – Alternate

Dassine Aknine – Alternate



Vivienne Holly – Wind Ensemble*

Aleena Lan – Symphonic Band



Muyang Zhang – Wind Ensemble*^

Karen Sim – Symphonic Band

Jonathan Hansen – Alternate

Enrico Guertin – Alternate

Emma Harmon – Alternate


Bb Clarinet:

Kian Choi – Wind Ensemble*^

Tyler Jeong – Wind Ensemble*

Claire Lee – Symphonic Band

Kalyna Mazal – Symphonic Band

Madeleine Hsueh – Symphonic Band

Lisa Swers – Symphonic Band

Anah Pho – Alternate


Bass Clarinet:

Jaeger Schweikert – Wind Ensemble*

Ginevra Saunders – Symphonic Band^

Gia Ayers – Symphonic Band


Alto Saxophone:

Elena Jenkins – Alternate


Tenor Saxophone:

Hayden Schweikert – Wind Ensemble*^


Baritone Saxophone:

Luke Callanen – Wind Ensemble*^



Clara Marks – Wind Ensemble*

Blake Powell – Wind Ensemble*

Britt Holly – Symphonic Band^

Ezequiel Benitez – Symphonic Band



Marco Femia – Wind Ensemble*

Michael Chung – Symphonic Band

Alvin Chen – Symphonic Band

Nathan Bass – Symphonic Band

Carter Pisocky – Symphonic Band


Tenor Trombone:

Claire Baiyang – Wind Ensemble*

Kyle Li – Symphonic Band^

Benjamin Zeng – Symphonic Band

Max Liu – Symphonic Band

Michael Zheng – Symphonic Band

Joshua Cramer – Symphonic Band


Bass Trombone:

Jason Lin – Symphonic Band



Alex Kirby – Wind Ensemble*^

Jackson Kang – Symphonic Band

Peter Kutscher – Symphonic Band



Rishi Vinod – Symphonic Band *^

Aditya Hathi – Symphonic Band

Agathiya Ramalingam – Symphonic Band


String Bass:

Anna Sargent – Wind Ensemble*^



Jonathan Leong – Wind Ensemble

Fintan Murphy – Symphonic Band^

Stephen Levy – Alternate

John Farrell - Alternate