Student Parking

Student Parking at McLean

Students must complete steps 1 and 2 below to procure a parking pass.  

Step 1: Student Parking Application

  • We are currently accepting parking applications.  Please use the Google form below to submit your application.  Please note: students must use their FCPS Google accounts to access the form. 
  • Parking Application 20-21

Step 2: Student Parking Permission Slip

McLean High School Parking Rules

The student parking areas are spaces marked with a white background. Staff parking spaces are numbered spaces marked with a yellow background. Under no circumstances shall a student park in a numbered space with a yellow background or a space marked for visitors.  Being late to school is NOT an excuse to park where you are not permitted to park.

Students may not park on school grounds without first obtaining a parking permit from the security office. The cost of a replacement permit will be $25.00.

All students must park in designated student parking spaces. Safety zones and unmarked areas are not to be used for student parking. All cars parked in the stadium lot must move out of that lot by 3:00 pm. The lot is used after school by the band and driver education classes.

The following infractions will result in a parking ticket, suspension of parking privileges and possible towing at the owner’s expense.

  1. Leaving school grounds by any means; this includes, but is not limited to, driving, walking or being a passenger in another car leaving school grounds.
  • 1st offence- 30-day suspension of parking privileges
  • 2nd offence- permanent revocation of parking privileges without a refund of parking fees.
  1. Parking in a non-designated student parking space
  2. Going to your car during the school day without permission from a McLean Security Staff member.
  3. Transporting other students off school grounds.

NOTE TO ALL PERMIT HOLDERS: Parking tickets paid late will receive no consideration for a discount.

All Fairfax County Public School rules apply to McLean High School parking lot.

I understand that while parked on school grounds my vehicle and its contents are subject to search by school staff.

I have read and understand the above rules and policies. I agree to abide by them or risk the following:

  1. My vehicle being ticket or towed at my expense
  2. My parking privileges suspended or revoked without refund of parking permit fees.
  3. Discipline by an administrator for any violation of FCPS and/or McLean High School rules.

The student will be quizzed on these rules when they pick up their permit.

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