PSAT & PSAT 8/9 Information

PSAT & PSAT 8/9 Testing Information

The PSAT is a practice examination for the college entrance exam known as the SAT Reasoning Test. It measures critical thinking skills that are important for success in college, including critical reading, math problem-solving and writing skills. Taking the PSAT/NMSQT enables our students to get feedback about critical academic skills, seek information from colleges, enter scholarship competitions, practice for the SAT Reasoning Test, and initiate the college-planning process. 

  • Test Date: Wednesday, October 10, 2018

PSAT Accommodation Information

The final deadline for schools to submit accommodation requests is August 21, 2018.  Please contact McLean's SSD Coordinator, Robert Bouchard at for applications/additional information. 

PSAT Payment Information for JUNIORS (11th Grade Students) Only

Important note:  FCPS pays for the 9th grade PSAT 8/9 and the 10th grade PSAT.  Please do not submit payment for 9th or 10th grade students. 

  • Test Fee FOR JUNIORS ONLY:  $20.00 payable to McLean High School via
  • Payment is due no later than Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018. Late payment will not be accepted.  PSAT fees should be paid online using  

PSAT and PSAT 8/9 Scores:

Scores for the 2018 PSAT/NMSQT will be available December 11th.  Students will be able to view scores via College Board’s website at using their student ID or access code. Access codes will be emailed to student Gmail accounts on December 10th. Students who do not currently have a College Board online account will need to create one to view scores.

  • Helping Students Who Can't Access Their Scores:  After students log in to their College Board account, they should click "Add Scores". In the "Matching Tool", it is essential that the College Board account information matches what students entered on their PSAT answer sheet. For example, if a student bubbled "Elizabeth" on her PSAT answer sheet and created her College Board account using the name "Beth", her scores will not load. If students need to change their name, they must call College Board Customer Service at 1 (866) 630-9305. All other changes can be made right in their account. It is also important that students choose the correct test name and test year. Ninth grade students should select the "PSAT 8/9" exam, tenth and eleventh grade students should choose the "PSAT/NMSQT" exam. All student should choose the 2018 as the test year (they took the exam in October 2018). If still unable to populate the score, the student will be prompted to indicate which test they're missing and enter the access code to assist the match.Students should check their Gmail account for their access codes, or email Sara Wheeler